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National Geographic Dissects The Guitar Spin

Even though many guitar players have done this trick for decades, many more have done it poorly. Some sent their guitars flying and others hurt themselves or other band members. The best examples of the guitar spin would be Jeff LaBar and Eric Brittingham (with a huge bass!) from Cinderella and Steve Fister with Lita Ford.

Go to 2:12, 3:02 and 3:08 for the finest examples of guitar and bass spinning ever!

Go to 1:56 to see Steve Fister throw his BC Rich guitar around his neck.

Stevie Wonder Plays the Harpejji

For all of you who were wondering, “What was that instrument Stevie Wonder played on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards?”, it was a Harpejji made by Marcodi Musical Instruments. What is a Harpejji? It’s a keyboard style instruments that has strings on it so a person who understands the piano can easily play it and get guitar sounds. It’s similar to the artists who use tapping on guitar or use other touch-style instruments like the Chapman Stick. The layout is similar visually to a piano keyboard so you can visualize white and black keys. It’s a great idea to bridge the gap between piano and guitar.

Click here to visit the Marcodi Musical Products website and learn more about the Harpejji