Dog and Deer Race Each Other

Here’s another one of those unlikely animal friendship videos. I love how the dog seems to communicate with the deer telling it “GO!”

Roger the Kangaroo Is Not Photoshopped!

Roger the Kangaroo

I was just as surprised as anyone to find out that pictures that looked Photoshopped of muscle-bound kangaroos were actually real. This is Roger who is over 6′ tall and weighs around 200lbs. He lives in Australia at the Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs. I just wished I lived close so I could see this guy in person!

Click here to read about Roger in the Daily Mail UK

Click here to visit the official Kangaroo Sanctuary  

Stevie Wonder Plays the Harpejji

For all of you who were wondering, “What was that instrument Stevie Wonder played on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards?”, it was a Harpejji made by Marcodi Musical Instruments. What is a Harpejji? It’s a keyboard style instruments that has strings on it so a person who understands the piano can easily play it and get guitar sounds. It’s similar to the artists who use tapping on guitar or use other touch-style instruments like the Chapman Stick. The layout is similar visually to a piano keyboard so you can visualize white and black keys. It’s a great idea to bridge the gap between piano and guitar.

Click here to visit the Marcodi Musical Products website and learn more about the Harpejji

Fallout 4 – First Official Trailer

There was a lot of buzz on the internet a few days ago when the official Fallout page posted a countdown and today the payoff was the first trailer for Fallout 4. At this point not much is known about the game other than it’s set in Boston and will at least for now be for the next gen consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and PC. This will definitely get me to upgrade my system.

The second big news story of the day is that about a year ago a disgruntled Bethesda employee going by the name (probably not real?) Sandra Reed went on Reddit and spilled a bunch of information about the upcoming game and at the time, no one believed her. There were a lot of specifics that look mostly plausible. If you’re a fan, read them but be warned that if true, there’s some spoilers!

Click here to read Sandra Reed’s Reddit post about Fallout 4

Norm MacDonald Gives a Touching Farewell To David Letterman

While David Letterman was wrapping up his last few weeks as host of The Late Show with David Letterman, only one guest managed to really get an emotional response from not only the fans but Letterman himself. It’s well known that David Letterman isn’t one for sentimentality and guests were instructed not to give any weepy sendoffs like the ones on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson so having Norm, usually the straight man break up and cry a little really hit home. Even if you’re not a fan of MacDonald’s standup, you have to appreciate the rare expression of true feelings for one of the best late night hosts to ever grace the airwaves. We’ll miss you Dave!

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