Donald Trump's "The Apprentice"
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Donald Trump chooses his apprentice

The Apprentice


04/18/04 - Just added: What happened to the apprentice contestants after the show? Go to the bottom of this page or click here.

Before we jump to any conclusions about any of the people (Omarosa), we should acknowledge that they're going to edit this show to give everyone the most sensationalistic view of the events.

The Two Finalists

Kwame Jackson is smooth. I really like him. He's the kind of person that you'd want to hang out with. Is he Trump material?  I don't know. I wanted him to whip his crew into shape. They really seemed to fall apart for this task but Kwame stayed cool. Omarosa definitely seemed to sink Kwame's team.  Is this her fault? Is this his fault for not replacing her? I think anyone would've done a better job than her.
Bill Rancic seemed to run around more than everyone else but that's because he was working.  That's how I work.  You can delegate but sometimes you just need to see things through yourself.  I really like Bill. He's honest and extremely hard-working.  He'll be a success no matter what happens here.
The rest should've taken this more seriously.  Bad-mouthing their leader won't get them any jobs. No one wants slackers, or people who aren't loyal. They all need to remember that potential employers will see their performance here. Most of the contestants weren't good followers.  Troy was the only one who seemed to rise to the occasion.  He slipped up once but you can tell he'll work hard.  Kwame's smartest move was to work with Troy McClain.

Bill celebrates his victory

The Results

Predictably, Bill's team wanted Bill to win, Kwame's team wanted Kwame to win so it came down to Donald Trump picking Bill.  Bill got to choose between two projects.  A California golf course or a Chicago tower.  He wisely chose Chicago. I feel that the tower could leave more of a legacy than a golf course, even if it is the nicest one in the world.

Sam makes Trump an offer

The Rest

Omarosa comes off bad. Donald clearly didn't like her.  Too bad.  I wanted her to kick ass on this last event but she didn't. There's also the allegation of someone calling her a racial name. This has also seemingly proven to be false.  All the tapes were reviewed of when she claimed it happened but there was no evidence.
In a last ditch attempt to impress Trump, Sam Solovey offered him $250,000 to let him work for Trump. I think it actually worked.  Will Trump hire him?  Doubtful.  But if he did, that would make for some great stories for next season.
All in all, I enjoyed this show. The end was great and I felt the right decision was made.  I think several of the people will do extremely well. I can't wait until the next season of the Apprentice.

The Aftermath

  • Amy Henry was offered a job by Trump after she was fired on the show.
  • Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth has announced a book deal where she'll detail the "N-word" incident.
  • Apprentice creator, Mark Burnett was horrified at Omarosa's allegation and searched all the tape footage and couldn't find any evidence of the use of the "N-word".
  • Ereka Vetrini may sue Omarosa for slander.
  • Amy & Nick Warnock dated briefly but are now just friends.
  • According to Extra, Kwame was reportedly offered a cushy position managing one of the portfolios of Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks.
  • Kwame was offered $25,000 for a week from KFC for helping the company introduce its new oven-roasted chicken line.
  • Kwame is planning to produce a documentary about Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden.
  • Greta Van Susteren invited Kwame to the White House correspondents dinner on May 1st but keep in mind, in the past she also invited Ozzy & Sharon.
  • US Weekly reported that Omarosa asked for a job as one of the judges for Trump's Miss USA pageant but was turned down.
  • Amy Henry's job offer is reported to be managing the sales team at the Trump World Tower.  She has yet to accept.
  • Omarosa runs out of a taping of Jimmy Kimmel after she sees a lie detector machine for a bit Jimmy was doing with his uncle Frank. Even though told that it didn't have anything to do with her interview, she ran.  What is she running from?  Apparently the truth.

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