The UG Forum Helps Out Scam Victim

A forum member on the popular MMA website, The UnderGround Forum recently got scammed out of $600 when he tried to buy tickets for UFC 183. Forum members quickly came to the aid with helpful suggestions but the most amazing part is that another forum member who works with the UFC helped out and even contacted UFC President Dana White.

Cindy O: Wanted you to know I just touched base with DW and he’s going to see that you don’t miss 183. I PMd you the details and will wait to hear back from you:)

While at this time we don’t exactly know what this means, Dana and the UFC are extremely fan friendly and have a long history of doing special things for charities and fans.

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Ampeg Introduces SCR-DI Preamp Pedal

For those who aren’t bass players, Ampeg is arguably the biggest name in bass amplification. Just as guitarists have been using Marshall stacks for years, bass players have been using Ampeg stacks for great rock and R&B tone. Now that classic sound is available as a DI Pedal. Now that our PA systems have evolved, many bass players don’t even use stand alone amps, instead plugging into the PA with some sort of DI box. The SCR-DI is no ordinary DI pedal, it has a ton of features that will have you using this to practice with at home too.


  • Dedicated XLR balanced line out with ground lift.
  • 3 band EQ
  • New Bass Scrambler overdrive to emulate the classic SVT sound.
  • Separate drive and blend controls.
  • Aux in for iPod for playing along with an iPod or Laptop or other music source.
  • Headphone out! This is awesome because how many DI pedals have this feature?

All of those features in a rugged metal box and you have something that’s ready for gigging or a perfect practice pedal for home use. The only thing that would make this perfect for me is a built in compressor with a blend knob.

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Roland’s New Blues Cube Amp

When I heard Roland was coming out with a new amp, I wasn’t that excited. That was until I saw that legendary tone monster, Eric Johnson had a hand in helping to design this amp. If you watch the video, Eric is getting some really beautiful and authentic tube tones out of this solid state amp. If Eric takes a few of these out on the road with him, Roland might really have a winner on their hands. I’m definitely excited to play one in person.

One of the new innovations is the Eric Johnson Tone Capsule.

The Tone Capsule is a modification circuit unit that changes the tube circuit characteristic of the original Blues Cube and attaches under the amp chassis. Once connected, the circuit modification on the Tone Capsule changes the tuning of the amp giving you custom tones and responses. The Tube Logic design physically amplifies the analog discrete circuit with characteristics produced by DSP circuits. Blues Cube’s basic sound quality is built upon the physical preamp and power amp. The analog discrete circuit and DSP circuit working together produce a very advanced path to tone.

Roland is known for making some bulletproof gear so hopefully this is the first step in creating a whole new line of legendary amps. The 1×12″ 60 watt combo has a street price of $699, and the 1×12″ 80 watt combo goes for $899. The EJ Tone Capsule is sold separately and has a street price of $299. I have to assume that other artists will release their own models of Tone Capsules.

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DigiTech Announces TRIO Band Creator

DigiTech TRIOAre you ready to ditch your bass player and drummer? DigiTech gets you one step closer to the dream of not having to split your gig money three ways. The DigiTech Trio will create drum and bass patterns in 12 different song styles.

The TRIO Band Creator Pedal listens to what is played and automatically generates bass and drum parts that match chord progressions and rhythmic feel. Users simply need to plug a guitar into TRIO, press the footswitch to teach TRIO the chords and rhythm, then press the footswitch again to start playing with a customized personal band.

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Update: DigiTech just posted a video of the TRIO and it sounds pretty good!

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic Signs with the UFC


What’s the date? It’s January, 2015, not December 2006 and Cro Cop has once again signed with the most powerful MMA organization in the world. The 40 year-old was set to sign with Bellator but the UFC made the higher bid, probably for the sole reason of not letting the competition get the legendary fighter. After last year’s Tito Ortiz vs. Stephan Bonnar fight drawing big numbers for Bellator, the UFC found out that a lot of old school fans want these match ups. Here’s wishing Filipovic a few great fights to end his career with.

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